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Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups

Importance of regular dental check-up cannot be neglected as research suggests most of the disease people have can be detected in their mouth. This means if take good care of your oral habits you might not have to face most of the diseases. You can certainly prevent from a disease if you take better care of your teeth. That’s why dentists say to brush two times a day. Still, it might not be enough for good oral health. A normal person with good health should go for a dental check-up for at least two times yearly.

However, there are some people who can be benefited from frequent visits, especially those who are already suffering from some oral problems like cavities and gum disease and are under high risk.

Few categories of people who can visit for a dental check-up are:

Pregnant women: Pregnant Women who are suffering from gingivitis or mild gum disease should visit for a dental check-up in the early months of their pregnancy.

People with diabetes: If you are suffering from diabetes, then it’s important to have dental check-ups at regular intervals as diabetes increases the risk of gum disease.

Smokers: As you know smoking cigarettes is bad for health. Smoking cigarettes can cause discoloration to your teeth, bad breath and increase the probability of gum disease.

If you already have gum disease your dentist can help you with proper treatment, so don’t miss your dental appointments.

If you follow the regular dental check-up routine, you can surely get rid of some of the health problems. Dental check-up usually takes 30 minutes or an hour. A dentist follows steps to check your dental health.


The dentist first examines your teeth and gums. The dentist will examine your oral health by checking for cavities, bacteria, and gum problems. It is a painless process and effectively examines your condition. If you had any previous oral problem, the dentist will also evaluate that for you.


Once that part is over, your dentist will give your teeth a little cleanup, which is done to remove tartar. Tartar is removed by using some dental instruments which you can’t do yourself. After that, a dentist can do a little polishing and then finally flossing. A dentist clean-up process is of a high standard that you can’t achieve with your toothbrush.

A regular dental clean-up can surely prevent you from problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, bad breath, and gum diseases. It can also prevent you from diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, respiratory infections, and many others.

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